Oversea’s Buyers from New Zealand

When moving from New Zealand to Queensland there are a lot of different things to consider, what you looked for in a home in New Zealand isn’t necessarily what you will need or want in QLD. To learn a little more about SEQ Click HERE


House buyers from the UK

We at Raada Group will help you research and create a list of the key things you want from your new home, particularly in terms of lifestyle. This will help in the selection of a region of Queensland that will suit both you and your family.

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Oversea’s Buyers Considerations

When moving to Queensland there are a few things to take into consideration like what type of facilities do you need or want to be close to i.e. schools, universities, hospitals, transport. Do you want to live near the beach or in the country and do you want to be part of a small community, large city or somewhere in between? We will help you evaluate the different regions in terms of their fit for you and your family when purchasing your new home.

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